Role of the host

  • The host usually doesn't provide a soup.
  • Provide crusty bread, cups and spoons (could be disposable).
  • Provide an area to display the soups and power outlets for competitors to plug in their crock pots. Some people may require a hot plate.
  • Light the fire before the guests arrive (make sure this is done in a safe manner - maybe in a brazier).*
  • When all the guests have arrived, collect $5 per person and hand out voting slips.
  • When the soups are hot, announce the start of tasting.
  • Once tasting is complete, collect the voting slips and tally the votes.
  • Announce the winner and present the silver ladle to much fanfare.
  • Give a short talk on mental health and the work done by the Black Dog Institute. Encourage people to donate more if they like.

*Not advisable to have an open fire in your office!

Role of the guest

  • Prepare 2 litres of home-made soup and bring it along on the night to enter in the friendly competition.
  • After the formalities, relax and socialise around the warmth of the fire and share your photos of the event to  Instagram #soupoff
  • Enjoy yourselves, it's about the fun

Donating is important

Help us, help others to deal with depression.